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Since 2 years of establishment, Dr.Nabila has formulated four skincare products and a mini set containing Silky Lara three items. Silky Lara is a local product that is developing its potential to become the best and more recognizable. Keep going together with Silky Lara!

November 2021

Silky Lara born

This 24K Gold Strawberry Hyaluronic Acid is the first product released by Silky Lara. It was formulated by Dr. Nabila. The focus of this serum is to brighten and moisturize the skin. This serum also gets good feedbacks among users who suffer from acne problems. Until now, this serum is one of the best sellers for Silky Lara products.

August 2022

SilkyLara Bestie Serum

This cleanser is produced to complement the SL Serum. Therefore, the ingredients found in the cleanser are very gentle and suitable for all skin types. Silky Lara Gel Facial Cleanser is formulated with various plant extracts and Glycerin that help to clean dirt and moisturize the skin. It is very suitable for those with dry and sensitive skin types because of its soft and less foamy texture. While cleaning dirt, it also provides a soothing effect. This cleanser is very suitable for men who are minimal in skin care.

december 2022

Glow baby

Glow Luxe Cream is a moisturizer that can treat dull, dry skin and uneven skin tone. The presence of With Hazel in the GLC helps reduce the size of pores. The production of GLCC takes a long time to get the best texture and effect for the user. Basically, this GLC has twice the effect of serum. Meaning it will show a faster effect since it is formulated using a higher percentage of active ingredients compared to serum. It can be said that GLC is Dr.'s personal favorite. Dr. Nabila knows hihi.

March 2023

I'm the Mini version

This mini set was created to make it easier for SLovers to take skincare everywhere. It is also created for new users of Silky Lara who wants to try this product.

November 2023

Your Skin Umbrella

After a year of no new production, finally Dr. Nabila have produced the sunscreen. It is a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 40 and PA++. In addition to proving protection from UVA and UVB, it also gives matte finish and moisturizes the skin. Sunscreen is one of the most voted by users when asked "what product will SL launch next?'. We already know that sunscreen is complement to the skincare routine, right? So it's no wonder that loyal users look forward to Silky Lara's sunscreen.

Silky Lara Team Journey Content

Team Silky Lara Group Sdn Bhd always provides the best content to share information about skin education to SLovers and new users.

The SilkyLara Team

march 2023

First Outdoor Content Shoot

March is the first month for Team Silky Lara to produce content outside.

april 2023

Iftar with our first Brand Ambassador

Breaking fast with the Founder, Brand Ambassador and Team Silky Lara at One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya. This is also the first face-to-face content with Keyna.

april 2023

Content Raya bersama MUA

Together with MUA to review make up results after skin prep with Silky Lara. "The face looks more glowing and not cakey after facial prep using Silky Lara products."

May 2023

Meeting Brand Ambassador of Silky Lara

Meet and produce content together with Brand Ambassador Keyna and Nadkiutss at Grand Hyat Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

june 2023

First Meeting with Live Host

Silky Lara products are well known on online platforms. Live host helped a lot in introducing these products, so it attracted even more Silky Lara fans.

July 2023

Aina: Brand Ambassador

September 2023

Content Shooting at Pasir Salak

Pasir Salak is a historical area that is located on the banks of the Perak River. Pasir Salak is the preffered place to fit the theme of content, with a hint of classic vibe.

october 2023

HQ Opening Process

The opening process of Silky Lara HQ at Pusat Komersial Central, Teluk Intan.


HQ Launching Day

The inauguration of HQ and Sunscreen Launching is carried out at once. The SL Glow event is held in private with the invitation of loyal users Silky Lara, Brand Ambassador and SL Team.

november 2023

SilkyLara HQ Opening Ceremony

Starting November 2023, Silky Lara has had a HQ based in Central Commercial Center, Teluk Intan. This opening celebration was held in conjunction with the lastest Launching Sunscreen as well as Silky Lara's 2nd year Anniversary celebration.